interior of Arabella's Gift Boutique showing a wide variety of gift items

Meet the owner of Arabella's Gift Boutique!

Ana Melendez loves buying that special something for the people in her life. Friends and family comment on her touch for always selecting just the right gift for every occasion.

Since Ana was 20, she thought she’d open her own boutique one day. When her youngest child went off to college, she realized this was the time make her dream come true.

When you walk through the doors of Arabella’s, you experience the sense of Ana’s touch. From the name of the store representing a name that has resonated with her from a book she read while pregnant with her first child to the shabby chic look that she loves, she brings her love of gift giving tolife for you.

You’ve now found the destination for that special something!

owner of Arabella's Gifts
Ana Melendez, owner

I love to shop for others, and now I shop for you. Come to Arabella’s and find just the right gift!


We invite you to visit our boutique to see our current offerings!

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