Tyler Candles

Tyler Candles are "focused on fragrance" and that is what you will experience with these delightful gifts. Such a wide selection of scents and colors, all topped with the trademark Tyler Candle argyle design. A Tyler Candle is a perfect hostess gift that will be sure to please!

  • Tyler candles display with logo sign

    Tyler Candle Company is "focused on fragrance" and it shows! These candles fill the room with in their delightful scents.

  • Tyler candle on holiday table with crystal

    Adorn your table with Tyler candles to make any event or dinner even more spectacular. Their stylish containers coordinate with every decor!

  • closeup of Tyler candle with two wicks

    Tyler Candles are a wonderful gift for a co-worker, boss or business associate as they can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Tyler Candle display in Arabellas Gift Boutique

    Browse our complete selection of Tyler Candles to find the perfect scent for every person on your guest list.

  • variety of Tyler Candles on display in Arabella's Gift Boutique

    Look at these wonderful colors! One for the table, one for the bedroom, one for the bath...they bring beauty and fragrance to any room!

  • Tyler Candle Glamourous Wash, Chambre Parfum, and Glamour Do

    Once you try Tyler Glamourous Wash, you may never wash your delicates with anything else! We also carry Tyler Chambre Room Parfum, Glamour Do and Mixer Melts.

We update our boutique inventory frequently, so stop in to see our complete selection of Tyler Candles.

We invite you to visit our boutique to see our current offerings!

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